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Custom Character Creation


Would you like to be transformed into a cartoon character,
or have one of your own character designs be brought to life?

Would you like to have this character say whatever you say,
and upload  your video to Youtube, Vimeo, or wherever else you choose?

This is where that can happen!

No matter what option you choose, it will be easy for you.

Style Translation.png
Style Copy.png

Option One: Character Design

This option includes a complete rendering of your custom Character for use in the Adobe Suite or similar software, whether it be modeled after you, or born from your own imagination. Includes all necessary images. Doesn't include animations or backgrounds. 

Option 1.png

Lower $

Higher $

Only Need a Still Image, on a Transparent Background?

Complete Character Creation,
Animation Ready

Option Two: Character Animation

This option includes a complete rendering of your custom Character, animated upon a transparency, or one complimentary background of your choosing for up to 30 minutes, speaking with your own voice, gesturing in the best way to serve your script.

Option 2.png

Lower $

Higher $

Got the Character, Want Another Animation?

Complete Character
Creation and

Can't find what you're looking for?  I can make a custom package for you. Just let me know what you have in mind.

Contact Me

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